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Tradition meets innovation. Signature is where full-spectrum oil and genuine terpenes create a symphony of flavor that’s out of this world. It’s a celestial journey through the essence of cannabis, offering a timeless retreat to unwind and explore the extraordinary.

pure thc.

cannabis derived terpenes


Elevate Your Day

Embark on a day filled with clarity and vibrancy. Our Sativa blend is like the first beam of morning light in the vast cosmos, illuminating your path and sparking your curiosity.

available in 1g, 2g


sweet dreams

As the universe dims and the constellations shine, our Indica series offers a serene voyage into the tranquil spaces of the night. Let go and find solace among the stars.

available in 1g, 2g


Surrender to the flow

Experience total harmony with this locally grown proprietary Hybrid blend. Whether you’re chasing deadlines or lounging around, this blend can help bring balance to your day and offers just the right pick me up.

available in 1g, 2g

2g vapes have landed

Delve deeper into the sensory universe with our 2g vapes. Precision-crafted, these cartridges amplify the essence of our Signature Series, offering an extended journey of flavor and sensation. Designed for compatibility with standard 510 thread batteries, they're tailored for those who yearn for a more expansive exploration.

1 gram

signature carts

2 gram

signature carts


sugar wax

Presenting Batch's premier cannabis concentrate. Our Sugar Wax is born from a cutting-edge hydrocarbon extraction process, ensuring the preservation of only the most exquisite cannabinoids and terpenes. Any undesired lipids and waxes? Expertly filtered out. With Batch, immerse yourself in a galaxy of natural flavor, unadulterated and pure.

batch signature concentrates iowa

batch signature 1 gram concentrates available in iowa

batch signature concentrates iowa
batch signature concentrates iowa
batch signature concentrates iowa
Crafted To Be Vaped Responsibly
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