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Keep it classic. With 85%-95% full-spectrum oil and natural terpenes derived from strain-specific cannabis varieties, the original Signature line is the simplest way to unwind.



max thc

cannbis derived terpenes


Elevate Your Day

Revitalizing and energizing, our Sativa blend is like a caffeine boost (only without the jitters). No need to sweat the small stuff. Feel prepared to tackle whatever the day has in store with pride and confidence.

available in 500mg, 1g, 2g


sweet dreams

Indulge in a sublimely soothing break with our Indica series. Its carefully crafted combination of cannabinoids and terpenes will have you feeling relaxed yet focused. Kick your feet up and enjoy this refreshing experience.

available in 500mg, 1g, 2g


Surrender to the flow

Experience total harmony with this locally grown proprietary Hybrid blend. Whether you’re chasing deadlines or lounging around, this blend can help bring balance to your day and offers just the right pick me up.

available in 500mg, 1g, 2g

biggest. batch. ever.

2g vapes are here

Discover the elevated experience of this 85%-95% full-spectrum, strain-specific oil. The Batch Signature Series 2 gram vapes have been extensively user-tested at high elevations receiving off the charts results. These 2 gramers fit seamlessly with push button standard 5/10 thread batteries, with custom-built cartridges crafted to perfection.

1 gram

signature carts

2 gram

signature carts


sugar wax

The first Batch cannabis concentrate grown and extracted in Iowa. Sugar Wax is crafted from an ultra-high purity hydrocarbon extraction process. This ensures that only the choicest cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved while any unwanted lipids or waxes are removed. Expect nothing but maximum natural flavor in every Batch.

batch signature concentrates iowa

batch signature 1 gram concentrates available in iowa

batch signature concentrates iowa
batch signature concentrates iowa
batch signature concentrates iowa
Crafted To Be Vaped Responsibly