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Hand-crafted, small batch cannabis

carts & concentrates

Natural terpenes. Wild aromas.
High-quality THC extracts.

GMP Certified quality. Research focused Teams. Always pure, always Uncut. Never trim, always Nug.

all new in colorado

all-in-one 1g & 2g cart

Batch's all-in-one disposable vape cart is your key to on-the-go bliss. Elevate your travel moments with flavors that are quick, easy, and incredibly smooth. Whether you're exploring a new city in Colorado or hiking in nature, Batch ensures your flavor adventures are just a puff away. Taste the Terps and savor the world with Batch All-in-One.


explore the extraordinary

Tradition meets innovation. Signature is where full-spectrum oil and genuine terpenes create a symphony of flavor that’s out of this world. It’s a celestial journey through the essence of cannabis, offering a timeless retreat to unwind and explore the extraordinary.

Leaflink winners 2020 2021

Colorado's favorite top selling cartridge

The bestselling carts in Colorado just got bigger.

now available in 2g carts


Natural, Wild taste

Dive into bold, authentic flavors derived from our hand-nurtured, in-house cannabis. Expertly crafted, A flavor journey curated by experts, savored by cannaseurs.


the perfect ratio

Locally grown and just what the doctor ordered. Refine your high with whole plant extracts, strain-specific terpenes, and the perfect 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Experience a harmonic high just as mother nature intended.

No harmful additives. No diluents.
Free from: PG, VG, Vitamin E Acetate.

Simply cannabinoids & terpenes – just how it should be. Batch is available in over 500 dispensaries. Select your state and find a dispensary near you!

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