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max thc. max flavor.

flavor beyond boundaries

Journey with Batch to where flavor finds its purest form. Our cartridges, a testament to nature's brilliance, are more than just a taste experience. Made from 100% uncut, nug-run distillates, they promise purity at its peak. With natural terpene reintroduction and custom hardware, each draw is optimized for a smoother, richer experience. Crafted with precision and passion, every puff unveils a world where cannabis, authenticity, and innovation intertwine.


A perfect fusion of green apple and banana

manzana banana

this sh*t is b.a.n.a.n.a.s


A harmonious blend of sweet berries.


This shwazzberry tastes like shwazzberry!

Full-bodied, juicy peach profile with a hint of exotic Mango.

peachy keen

Millions of peaches, peaches and weed, millions of peaches, peaches for me.


Punchy grape zing with a sweet finish.

goodness grapecious

With grape power comes grape responsibility.

A nostalgic blend of cotton candy and sweet blue raspberry.


Experience the nostalgic essence of summer all year round.



the future of flavor

Terpenes (or terps) are the building blocks for all cannabis flavors

Cannabis flavors come from terpenes, and there are many different kinds of these magical flavor molecules. Each type of cannabis plant has its unique blend of terpenes, which is what gives it its characteristic taste and smell. Some familiar flavors include citrus, pine, earthy, and floral. Different strains of cannabis can also have different flavor profiles due to their differing terpene contents. This is why some people prefer certain strains over others. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference!

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Crafted To Be Vaped Responsibly
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